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Disclaimer: The podcast is in German.

The two are a perfect match when it comes to brushing up the scene. One has been a musician and content creator for two decades, the other a journalist, editor-in-chief, host and manager. Axel One and Zacke Zahn combine the best from all parts of the rock, pop and culture universe and now they're making a podcast. Yes, another one. Exactly. And one that has it all, because the two of them scrutinise all topics linguistically with surgical precision. Metal, rock and pop are the order of the day, but the pair also chew over other life-defining topics such as concerts, slapstick, film, television and frippery. True to the motto "We put everything in our mouths", "Gnadenlos" will soon be at home in every playlist. From A(xel) to Z(acke), one topic will interest each and every one of you. The two are not only experts in their respective fields, but also BBF - best buddies forever. Together they are almost 100 years old, but that shouldn't affect the podcast, quite the opposite, keyword life experience. GNADENLOS will present this and their ambiguous opinion to you. Pop the popcorn and put your feet up, an entertaining and informative experience format has been created for the listeners.

Axel One contributes his years of experience as a musician and knows exactly what is important for good sound, not just for himself. Zacke Zahn, on the other hand, has a keen eye on current events in the music scene (Axel too, of course) and filters the essence of the never-ending stream of information. Together they prepare it ready to listen to and sharply worded, the opinion comes for free on top.

Together they shed light on all facets of the music business: from the latest albums to scandalous gigs or controversial topics such as streaming services or ticket prices. They don't mince their words - "merciless", in other words!

But Axel One and Zacke Zahn also have a lot to say outside the world of music: whether about their favourite films, series or books, Team Hosen or Team Ärzte, East or West, black or white... the two of them always have something to say. Always.


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