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Tim Farin & David Korsten
101 Dinge, die ein Rennradfahrer wissen muss
Freddy Kappen, Stephan Kleiber & Dieter Kottnik
Alben für die Ewigkeit
Alles ist fahrbar - der MOUNTAINBIKE Podcast
Frank Eilers
auto motor und sport
auto motor und sport erklärt
behind the tree
Behind the Tresen
Lars & Croco
Besser als Nackt
Kristin Rübesamen
Besser leben mit Yoga
RocketBeans TV und KIDDINX
Bibi Blocksberg und die Generation Kassettenkinder
Florian Heider & Timon aka Klengan
BUNTE Magazin - Anna Luisa Burger, Barbara Fischer
Bunte Menschen
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Services for advertisers

You want to achieve more with your advertising? We also offer all-round support for advertisers. Starting with the selection of suitable shows, campaign planning and support, to reporting. We provide sustainable advertising that works.

Services for podcasters

Take your podcast to the next level. We give everything to make your podcast successful. From the development of the right concept to distribution, promotion and monetization - we are there for you!

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As true relationship people, we love and cultivate partnerships with our podcasters, production networks and publishers. You can find a selection of partners in our network here.



For which companies is advertising in podcasts suitable?

In principle, podcast advertising is suitable for any type of marketing campaign: from a classic sales campaign to the promotion of specific products and services to branding campaigns. The decisive factor is the right selection and combination of content context, advertising format and the type of integration.

We offer all brands a broad portfolio of very different podcasts and genres, all common podcast advertising formats and flexible placement and integration options in and around the podcast. We create individual, custom-fit campaigns for our clients' companies.

What advertising opportunities does Zebralution Podcast offer?

We offer all common formats for podcast advertising: From classic host or presenter reads to sponsorships to podcast spots and exclusive feed drops. Via our ad server, we play out the advertising dynamically and individually on the common placements at several points before, within and after the podcast episode (pre-, mid- and post-roll).

Does Zebralution Podcast work with Dynamic Ad Insertion?

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) describes the technology that enables flexible campaign control via an ad server. Podcast advertising (regardless of the form of advertising) is inserted into the podcast via an ad server and played out accordingly when the episode is retrieved. This means that the podcast advertising no longer has to be "baked in" with the podcast.

This allows a very flexible campaign design and control and also the comprehensive use of all podcast episodes released so far. We work with our own ad server and of course take care of campaign planning, implementation and reporting.

How does a podcast campaign work and how much lead time is needed?

After clarifying the campaign goal and budget, we work with our advertisers to select the appropriate podcast shows, ad formats, and placements, and coordinate further communication and coordination of the campaign with our publishers and podcasters. We coordinate the briefing and creation of the advertising materials, including client approval, and then implement the campaign via our ad server. At the end of the campaign, advertisers receive detailed reporting with all important campaign data (contacts played, demographic and geographic campaign data, information about devices used).

To ensure a smooth process, we recommend a lead time of 3 weeks. Thanks to our technical infrastructure, we can also react quickly and flexibly to any changes and requests at short notice.



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