360° service for labels and artists.

From delivery to invoicing - we offer a comprehensive service for all your releases. We operate in a worldwide team and provide a variety of digital tools and services for the maximum success of our labels and artists.


With over 100 framework agreements with digital service providers, we offer one of the broadest market coverages in our industry. Our in-house legal department is constantly expanding our network through agreements on new platforms and additional services.

Global network

As part of the MERLIN network and through our international locations, we offer worldwide distribution coverage for our licensors.

Supply of small and large DSPS

We understand that local and specialized platform offerings are just as important as availability from market leaders. We are constantly working to identify trends and offer flexible solutions for all.

Support for all business models

Streaming, download, video, podcasts, VR, AR, NFT, Blockchain, or Web3: if we believe they help achieve our customers' goals, we support all new platforms and service ideas.


Through our in-house development teams, we offer innovative tools and ensure that we constantly present state-of-the-art solutions in a rapidly changing market.

Robust and scalable platform

Our sales platform has been specially developed to process data quickly, securely and in line with the times. At the same time, it remains flexible in order to be able to react to all wishes.

State-of-the-art delivery technology

Our platform serves all industry standards - from individualized Music Library Snippets to Dolby Atmos. We are proud to be one of the world's leading distributors in Apple's & Spotify's Preferred Partner Program for years.

Personal advice and service for all customers

At Zebralution we are always available for you - we are your partner for all questions around your releases. From the release strategy to the catalog campaign.


Our marketing team is spread across our international locations to market your music in the best possible way. We do not only make music available, but also set accents through our marketing work to reach your goals together with you.

Customized strategies and consulting

Zebralution's approach is to work with our distribution clients to develop an individual release and marketing plan that allows us to promote the music of our labels and artists according to their needs.

More than global sales marketing

Our label management team is the "single point of contact" for our customers: They coordinate publications with our sales & marketing managers, who ensure the best possible support on site with the DSPs.

Committed, innovative, experienced

We've been marketing music for nearly two decades, constantly adapting our tools and methodologies to ever-changing services, functionalities, devices, and business models.

Data & Analytics

For Zebralution, Big Data is not just a buzzword, but an area we deal with every day. We offer our sales customers the most advanced technology to navigate through the data jungle.

Real-time access to sales figures

Our tools provide access to the latest sales figures and trend data. This gives our customers a complete overview of their performance.

Analytics for playlists and more

Our analytics tools help to view playlisting successes and compare streaming developments. They offer the possibility to analyze and visualize listener data so that content and marketing strategies can be adjusted accordingly.

Independently verified accounts

Our royalty statements offer the greatest possible transparency and are optimized to be easily imported into both accounting and royalty accounting systems.


Pitch Perfect. We pitch your music systematically and personally to our partners in the streaming services. We are your mouthpiece and make sure that besides numbers, details and campaigns, especially your music is in focus.

From genre specialist to big player

The platforms and their users are as diverse as music itself. We pitch your music accordingly to an extensive selection of DSPs, so that all target groups are reached.

From small indie to big mainstream playlist

There is a huge playlist network for different genres, novelties and moods. We make sure that your music gets a chance to be discovered in the global playlist ecosystem.

Performance & Personality

We work closely and personally with the editorial teams of our partners to plan and implement individual campaigns.

Frontline and catalog

Digital doesn't forget. We help you with a holistic strategy for your frontline publications, as well as for your catalog.

Old but gold

We help our customers to prepare their catalog and to market it in a new way. From metadata to new formats - we design creative campaign approaches with you.

360° campaigns

From single to legacy, we work with our licensors to create campaigns for the entire lifecycle of a release, supporting artists 365 days a year.

The All Audio Company

Whether it's an artist biography as an audio book or a themed podcast series - thanks to our "All Audio" approach, we create broad possibilities to creatively present the creative work of your artists or labels with you.


These labels trust us!

Since 2006 we have been developing digital solutions for successful audio formats together with our partners in the music business.

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Make yourself heard!

We always have an open ear for artists and labels, offer expert advice and innovative solutions. Convince yourself!



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