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Disclaimer: The podcast is in German.

The Glow Concept was born out of a dream to spread a message. Because it's time we stopped allowing ourselves to be devalued for our interest in beauty. That we no longer allow others to pass judgement on us and label us as "shallow". And also that we ourselves finally internalise that beauty can be more and that it has something to do with self-love, self-acceptance and a healthy and happy life. If understood and utilised correctly, beauty can help each and every person to become a better version of themselves. Inside and out. Because what starts on the outside can quickly contribute to your inner happiness. We at The Glow Concept feel exactly that: we love beauty topics. But we ask the right questions, we are curious, profound and inquisitive. We value quality and cordial cooperation. We are not superficial. We just understand that true beauty is a holistic concept. And to achieve this, well-founded opinions from experts in the industry are indispensable. At The Glow Concept, some of the best and warmest experts in the beauty industry have their say and we discuss the beauty topics that are of burning interest to us all. We ask the right questions and talk about the different perceptions of beauty. We want to inspire, inform and go into depth. Because beauty is not superficial.


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