Queens of Rap - der female Rap-Podcast mit Nina Damsch

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Disclaimer: The podcast is in German.

Rap podcasts abound. And yet female MCs usually only appear as a footnote in the male-dominated rap game. If they are a topic at all, it is often as a gossip object and frequently in the victim role. Time to change that: Music journalist Nina Damsch talks to the biggest and most important female protagonists since the dawn of hip hop in Germany about women and femininity in rap and in German society in Queens of Rap, the first podcast to focus exclusively on female rappers.

Female artists like badmómzjay and Juju are now permanently at the top of the charts and yet they are considered exotic in the industry. But why is that? And who and where are the female artists who have opened the doors for today's female MCs? To what extent was and is rap a reflection of society when it comes to the issue of sexism and equality? And why is it normality that strippers dance on the pole in every second rap video, but still an uproar when young female rappers like SXTN do the same or sister Ewa lets herself be pulled around by 12 half-naked bodybuilders in a Ferrari in her clip? And to what extent are these experiences and recurring patterns representative of the experiences of all women who try to fight for their place in male-dominated professions?


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