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Disclaimer: The podcast is in German.

From a dishwasher to a pop star. Before Bosse played the country's big stages and became a very well-known singer, he made his way through Berlin as a cook. Whenever you meet him today, there are two big themes: food and art. And now the two are coming together. In his new podcast "Lecker Mittach", Aki Bosse invites his friends into the kitchen and prepares their favourite dish with them. He cooks braised cucumbers with Nora Tschirner, guinea fowl with Bjarne Mädel and jambalaya with Casper.
While they chop, sizzle and sometimes season too much, he talks to them about small and big turning points, about turn-offs, doubts, music and art. Actor Bjarne Mädel talks about his wish to be taken more seriously, singer Nura about why she bought the biggest sofa in the world and what that has to do with her origins, and Casper talks about heavy metal while everything is not going smoothly at the cooker.

You notice that Aki can not only bring things to a boil on stage, but is also a wonderful host in his own podcast. He effortlessly creates an atmosphere that allows other insights - because everyone knows that the deep conversations always take place in the kitchen. Tears flow, even without onions.

And the best thing is that you can not only secretly listen in, you can participate in your own kitchen. Because in advance there is a shopping list and the recipe for the listeners and then you can cook along with Aki and his friends.

Enjoy your meal!
Matze Hielscher


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