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Disclaimer: The podcast is in German.

A podcast for all of those who want to live a life that suits them: courageous, self-confident and committed. Knowing that you are not alone - but connected to others and the divine mystery of life.

Best-selling author, philosopher and encourager Melanie Wolfers has worked with many people in counselling and pastoral care and is convinced that everyone is much richer on the inside than they realise!

In this conversation with Andreas Bormann, she wants to inspire you to explore what is inside you. She wants to encourage you to seize the precious chance of your own life and to find your answers to the questions that life asks you.

What do I draw courage and confidence from? How do I find out what really matters to me? And how do I realise it? What were my biggest crises and what helps me to get up again? How can relationship wounds heal and what makes my relationships revive? How can we be for each other? How do I find my way to a good decision? What constitutes a fulfilled life for me personally - how do I succeed and what slows me down? And what happens when things turn out completely differently than I had hoped?

A podcast with inspiration and knowledge. Here we reflect, talk candidly, question and also laugh heartily.


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