Zebralution and MusicHub:
 the beginning of an exciting collaboration 

MusicHub, the new distribution platform for artists and producers, is slowly filling with life: newly hired employees are taking their seats, the first beta testers have been onboarded and the official launch is edging ever closer.

“It’s incredible to see the speed and depth of detail with which we have set up an online-based sales tool for music creators and have been able to recruit great new colleagues”, says Florian von Hoyer, MD MusicHub.

Developing as a complimentary concept, MusicHub is closely tied to Zebralution not only through the shared cooperation with the GEMA. The EMS platform acquired by Zebralution last summer also serves as MusicHub‘s distribution backend.

“MusicHub is a wonderful addition to the overall portfolio of the Zebralution Group, as young talents can establish themselves there and with increasing success and catalog size, Zebralution can also continue to personally support them”, says Oke Göttlich, MD Zebralution.

As an all-audio company that has made a name for itself in the music, podcast and audio book sector, Zebralution offers all of our partners a distribution, promotion and marketing solution that can be adapted to different modular needs.

MusicHub, the automated DIY tool for independent musicians 

A DIY tool, the new MusicHub platform focuses on automated release processes and intuitive user guidance, supported by a customer support team with a passion for music. MusicHub is thus aimed primarilybut not solelyat musicians who wish to digitally distribute their music, by themselves, to the major streaming platformswhile retaining full control of theirights. As a special offer for GEMA members: MusicHub’s standard fee is waived!   

Zebralution Music, professional full-service distribution  

Zebralution Music continues to set itself apart from the competition, by offering personal consultation with its label managersZebralution Music’s service also includes international pitching, access to extensive analysis, marketing and sales tools as well as the development of individual strategies. 

Through the cooperation between Zebralution and MusicHub we aspire to offer the best of both worlds to our partners, while pushing the development of new tools and applications.