The audiobooks of our publishers
are now also available via Blinkist

Blinkist is collaborating with Zebralution to extend the service they offer to users of their app. For the past seven years Blinkist users have been able to access so-called ‘blinks’ which give 15-minute summaries of popular non-fiction books in audio and text format. However, from April 2020 Blinkist users have also had the option to dive even further into audiobook titles, by purchasing and listening to complete audiobooks within the app.

Blinkist co-founder Holger Seim said: “Our blinks are helping many users to bring more knowledge into their daily lives, and to discover new non-fiction titles. To offer full audiobooks is a logical next step in order to provide our customers with different formats for different needs.”

Siem added: “We are reacting with a product expansion that has been very much in demand, since many of our users want to enjoy the whole book after they’ve read or listened to the blinks.”

More publishers and distributors are being added to the service continuously.


‘Bring more knowledge into your daily life’

Blinkist is an app that brings non-fiction knowledge to your smartphone, through a library of 15-minute-blinks summarising non-fiction books, in audio or text format, and now a catalogue of complete audiobooks.

The content in the Blinkist library (with over 3500 titles) ranges from non-fiction classics, to popular guidebooks and topical new releases. each blink is prepared by specially trained authors and is made available to users as a short text or audiobook.