Spooks is now lismio

We’ve changed the name of our audiobook app ‘Spooks’!

It is…drum roll, fireworks, champagne for everyone… ‘lismio’!

Some might be wondering ‘what’s the reason for the change?’. Well, there were multiple reasons:

We had wanted to change our name for quite some time as it didn’t feel quite right anymore. lismio has become so much more than just an app. The lismio universe also consists of curated playlists on Spotify, Apple Music etc, as well as a YouTube channel, a beta voice skill and much more. We thought a change of name would reflect this.

Also, since selecting our original name we have grown internationally, rolling out in multiple counties and languages. We thought it was important to have a name that could be embraced by users across the world. This was a key catalyst to making the change: lismio is a name that everyone can connect with!

But there are more changes in sight. The name change was already our second step, the first being to improve the app (UX design, hybrid to native). The next step is an exciting new design for all of our lismio channels. We are also planning further adjustments in the app’s next updates, improvements suggested by the lismio community (including our users, publishers, authors and narrators).

Hear we go!