With over 100 framework agreements in place with Digital Service Providers, we offer one of the broadest footprints available in the market. Our in-house business affairs department is always adding new platforms and additional services to our network.

World-wide network

With our history of having been part of a major label group, we had the opportunity to benefit from a world-wide footprint of DSP relationships that we have successfully migrated to our independent status. Combined with our direct agreements and industry organization opt-ins, there is no white spot on our world map.

Catering to DSPs big and small

Some distributors rely on the 80/20 rule from management books: connect the biggest services world-wide, and you´re done. We understand that smaller local services or niche DSPs catering to fans of specific genres can be just as important, and constantly keep an eye on developments in these segments.

Complete range of products supported

Download, streaming, video, radio, ringtones, cloud lockers, podcasts, synch, VR, AR, blockchain – whatever the technical format or business model is, if we believe our customers can earn money or find new audiences via a medium, we will add new platforms and support innovative service ideas.


Our dedicated operations team and custom-built technology platform make sure that your content is quickly ingested, both automatically and manually reviewed for quality and data consistency, as well as safely delivered to our Digital Service Providers with over 300 consumer-facing outlets.

Robust and scalable platform

Our distribution platform has been custom-built to allow us to quickly ingest and safely store a wide range of products, including but not limited to music, video and audiobooks, each with their own set of requirements with regard to asset formats, meta-data standards and additional information to be used by our marketing team.

State-of-the-art delivery technology

Our platform is fully compliant with the DDEX industry standard but each delivery interface is also optimized to take full advantage of all specific features that any outlet offers for content providers. Little wonder then that we consistently achieve top positions in audits and reviews made by world-leading DSPs.

Personal service and advice available to all clients

Other distributors offer a Do-It-Yourself online tool and some FAQs. At ZEBRALUTION, an operations manager is always available to help you and discuss the best way to turn your release strategy into meta-data that our DSP partners are able to process and execute.


Our marketing department consists of label managers, audiobook managers and account managers spread out across our headquarter and international offices. We don´t just make music and products available, we aim to provide the best sales marketing services available in the industry.

Customized strategies and consulting

The ZEBRALUTION approach is to develop a release and marketing plan that´s tailored to your specific aims and needs. We build individual release and marketing strategies together with our clients that cover the entire lifecycle of a product and support an artist or author 365/24-7.

More than global sales marketing

Our label management team is a single point of contact for our clients that coordinates a release with our account management teams on the ground in the most important digital markets, who will communicate with DSP teams in the individual territories to ensure that your release receives the best support available.

Dedicated, innovative, experienced

We´ve been promoting music and audio in the digital marketplace for over a decade. Adjusting our tools and approaches to the ever-evolving eco-system of services, features, devices and business models is what we constantly do. We work hard to achieve the best results for your products.


For ZEBRALUTION big data is not just a buzzword but something we deal with every day and where we make big investments to offer cutting-edge technology to our customers.

Real-time access to sales and streaming numbers

Our RepoMan and RepoFlash tools offer customers access to usage and revenue data and are updated in real-time when new data arrives. Use salesboard view for a quick overview with customizable graphical analysis, or list view to compile, filter and export data for advanced data crunching.

Advanced analytics for playlists and demographics

Which sources exactly do your streams come from and what percentage of listeners skip at what time? How old are our listeners, and where do they live? Our analytics tools help you analyze and visualize this data so that you can adjust your content and marketing strategies.

Independently verified reports that are easy to process

Our financial reporting to you arrives via e-mail and is streamlined to be easily imported into both financial accounting and royalty systems. It´s independently verified to assure the highest accuracy. Payments are made quickly and reliably via wire transfer to your bank account without any need to use online tools or services.

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