White Denim
Marketing Story
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White Denim
DATE: 24.08.2018
White Denim is taking over with their new album “Performance” and global key retailers are on board!

Apple promotes the album with flowcases, brick banners, new release pack shots on landing & genre pages and offers extensive playlist support (e.g. The A-List: Alternative) in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Scandinavia, Benelux and Germany. In the UK, Apple’s “Guitar Starter” campaign pushes the new album and tracks massively on all channels.

Amazon recognises the album release with a takeover of the popular Fresh Indie (US) playlist, among others. Spotify features tracks of the new album in several NMF (e.g. in UK and Latin America) and genre playlists (New Indie Mix, Rocked., Garage Jams etc.). That’s what we call a great PERFORMANCE!