Robyn – “Missing U”
Marketing Story
Embassy of Music
DATE: 03.08.2018

Robyn is back!

It is an honour to work with one of the most influential artists of our times, if only in GSA in this special case. After her fifth album ‘Body Talk’ eight years ago, Robyn has jumped straight into the heart of the digital world with her new single. ‘Missing U’ was unmissable, with playlist takeovers on two of Apple Music strongest playlists, ‘Das Beste der Woche’ and ‘Chart Hits’, and more inegrations in Future Hits, Angesagt: Pop and Angesagt: Electronic. With another playlist takeover (#1) on Spotify’s Pop Brandneu, NMF, Indie Radar and further strong playlist feature on e.g. Amazon (Taufrisch, Taufrisch: Dance, Taufrisch: Pop), Napster (Neu & Gut) and Deezer (Neue Hits with 5,5m fans and Sommerhits 2018). We missed u!