Florian Von Hoyer becomes
COO at MusicHub

Florian von Hoyer is joining the management team of MusicHub GmbH as Chief Operating Officer. The German-born music executive brings vast international experience across all different sectors of the music industry to MusicHub. Starting out in Madrid on the label side as founder and managing director of Galileo Music Communication and­ Ojo Música in the Noughties, von Hoyer later led Spanish distributor Altafonte Music Network and its joint venture with PIAS for Iberia and Latin America. Also representing Altafonte on the boards of Merlin and WIN, he eventually switched over to act as Group Operational Director for PIAS until 2017.

The move by von Hoyer to join MusicHub as COO comes after a two-year stint as Strategy & Agility Coach at ZEBRALUTION Group, where he promoted, supported and steered a complete circle of change and growth management. During this time, ZEBRALUTION evolved from being a music and audiobook distributor with a team of 25 to an all-audio group of companies with explicitly global ambitions and a team of over 80 staff across its divisions that now include technology provider EMS, rights acquisition entity ZEBRALUTION International Rights and podcast network zebra-audio.net. Von Hoyer´s accomplishments as Coach include the introduction of new communication routines and tools, reframing the company’s organizational chart and board structure, as well as the development of a new corporate identity with an effort to improve the company’s capacity as a diverse and inclusive workplace.

At MusicHub von Hoyer already played an important role in its initial beta phase. MusicHub was founded in May 2020. A closed beta for members of GEMA was launched as early as September 2020, with hundreds of releases since successfully distributed for members to DSPs like Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music. MusicHub´s team has been recruited and managed by ZEBRALUTION´s COO Sascha Lazimbat with the assistance of von Hoyer as a consultant, who will now officially join the company and support the further growth and roll-out of the company´s services to GEMA´s members and beyond.

Florian von Hoyer will continue to coach ZEBRALUTION in the areas of Company Culture, Communication and Strategy, promoting agile teamwork, servant leadership and a healthy feedback culture, strengthening internal and external communication initiatives and supporting the strategic development of ZEBRALUTION as the market’s leading all-audio company.

Kurt Thielen, co-founder and CEO of ZEBRALUTION comments, “I want to thank Florian for the fantastic job he´s done over the course of the last two years. Since we were able to buy ZEBRALUTION back in 2017, almost everything has changed in the way we are set up, how we work and communicate; Florian was instrumental in making this change process easy-going and fun. The initiatives that Florian has led have also served the company well during the global pandemic, where our decentralized approach has made remote work across our divisions every effective”.


Thimo Prziklang, Director Strategy and Development at GEMA, points out: “It´s great that we were able to bring Florian von Hoyer on board at MusicHub for the long run. He´s been one of the drivers of MusicHub in its beta phase and will now continue to play an important role in the project.”

Sascha Lazimbat, co-founder and COO of ZEBRALUTION and CEO of MusicHub, adds: “Florian is a true innovator in the music industry. I look forward to working with him and the great team we´ve been able to hire on thinking outside of the box about the way music will be created, spread, promoted and monetized in the future.”

Florian von Hoyer closes, “MusicHub is probably the most exciting project in the music industry right now, bringing together the worlds of authors and works with artists and their master recordings. I´m excited about investing more time in this fantastic team of music and tech enthusiasts, and help building the best platform for our shareholders: the biggest collective of music creators in the world.”