“We are delighted to be working with Zebralution to introduce Canongate's brilliant audiobooks to even more listeners. The audio market is so exciting at the moment, and it's great to see new players helping to improve access to, and discoverability of, audiobooks in fresh and innovative ways.”
Partner since 2010.
“We are happy to work with such an committed and innovative partner as Zebralution and their reliable team. Together we´ve created a new space for audiobooks in the digital market and will continue to broaden the audience with new ideas in the best possible way.“
“Saga Egmont’s aim is to push the boundaries of the traditional book market and making audiobooks the preferred off-screen entertainment of the modern consumer. In today’s market the successful publisher needs to be where the consumers are – therefore we need a progressive distributor who can make way for the content on new sales channels and digital service providers. Zebralution is the right partner to fulfil that ambition!“
“Competent, experienced, innovative, individual, personal & friendly = the Zebras!”
“The Zebralution staff is always open to our needs as a publisher and is state of the art when it comes to the development of digital distribution for audiobooks. It's great to have this full support.”
“Zebralution offers an extremely reliable and highly competent team at several locations. With their work force combined we can optimize and coordinate our distribution measures on a daily basis at TACHELES!.”
“To us Zebralution is more than just a „distributor“. Zebralution has been part of our success story in recent years. They´ve been an accomplice, an implementer of ideas and a source of inspiration. It´s fun to work with such a professional team.”
"Zebralution is a reliable partner in digital distribution for an independent audiobook publisher such as SPEAK LOW. Amongst publishing giants, we feel greatly supported and taken care of by Zebralution."
Partner since 2017.
Partner since 2018.
Partner since 2019.
Partner since 2019.