We are family – Spotify to launch family plan pricing!

Spotify Family

“Nothing brings people together like music,” as Spotify puts it in their latest announcement. So why not share the love and subscribe to a Spotify Family plan. You can create up to five separate Premium accounts with one discounted monthly subscription. Each of these members can create personal playlists and will receive individual recommendations based on the music only they listened to. Plus, all members can use Spotify at the same time. So no more fighting over whose turn it is to pick the music!


The subscriber continues to pay the regular monthly fee of 9.99€. Each extra account will be 50% off the regular price which results in the following calculation (according to Spotify Germany):


Main subscriber + 1 additional member:              14.99€

Main subscriber + 2 additional members:            19.99€

Main subscriber + 3 additional members:            24.99€

Main subscriber + 4 additional members:            29.99€


For more information on the new Spotify Family plan, click here.


Spotify Family is already available in Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Germany. Family, by the way, does not only refer to the actual family, but rather to the Spotify family: feel free to invite friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and the likes to benefit from the discount. The only condition is that invited members did not subscribe to Spotify Premium before. Enjoy!