Superior sales data analysis now available!

RepoMan Sales Board

We are pleased to provide our label and publishing partners with an even better tool for analyzing sales data - please welcome the brand new RepoMan with full performance extension from Zebralution!

Besides the classic list view with unlimited access to all basic data and the monthly account data adjustable line by line and editable by filters, the RepoMan sales board now enables significant data visualization and analysis. These improvements to RepoMan allow for quick and easy access to your online data and also provide superior export functions to download data tables and to customize graphics for further processing in presentations and reports at the click of a button.

RepoMan provides the essential performance data of your catalog in the form of data tables and clear chart diagrams. The charts can be customized and downloaded as a PNG file image. Individual data sections (e.g. countries, retailers, usage types) can be activated and deactivated in order to get a more detailed view and compare selected data. In doing so, the scaling of the respectively selected data sections get adjusted automatically. The data sections can also be transferred to image downloads and generate graphic charts containing only the selected data content. New accounting data will be processed and imported to RepoMan when received without delay. All data is updated immediately upon receipt from partners. This way all relevant information is available as soon as possible and accessible 24/7.

"To ensure maximum transparency, we allow our label and publishing partners to look at their detailled accounting data since day one", says Zebralution Managing Director Kurt Thielen. "The new features make it way easier to navigate and follow the market development, especially in light of the growing streaming data quantities."