FAQ for Retailers

Which labels and publishing houses are managed by Zebralution?

You’ll find an overview of labels and publishing houses distributed by Zebralution under Network > Labels and Publishers.

Do I also get CDs, Vinyl or other physical products from Zebralution?

No. Zebralution exclusively distributes digital content. Nevertheless, we’re pleased to inform you where you can order physical products of the labels and publishing houses distributed by Zebralution.

How does the technical interface proceed?

First of all you’ll receive a simple questionnaire from us, so that we get a better picture of your service and technical set-up.

After reviewing the contractual terms and technical specifications, Zebralution consults your technical team to set up the interface, initiate a test delivery and check the connection’s functionality, the complete receipt and processing ability of the delivered data in collaboration with you

Furthermore, we need a test statement from our retail partners to ensure a quick and accurate processing of your accounting data. Regular delivery starts upon the approval of interface and sales reporting.

How do I get informed about new releases and other important news?

Our experienced marketing team will not only keep you in the loop with weekly newsletters, but also provide you with the latest additional information and propose individual campaigns in line with frequent conference calls. Our team will contact you promptly to arrange the best possible approach with you.

How do I get a contractual offer?

Simply get in contact with us using the contact form for retailers. We’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience.

I do have further questions. Who can I refer to?

Simply get in contact with us.