FAQ for Labels & Publishers

What is required for distribution via Zebralution?

Zebralution deals with sole traders or businesses, which legally own the rights for digital distribution of their content.

What content can I distribute via Zebralution?

Zebralution distributes music & music videos, audio books and audio drama.

What costs will be incurred?

For our distribution service we agree with you a distribution fee on the basis of a percentage of sales. In addition, expenses for technical services can be incurred.

How do I deliver my products?

This mainly depends on the technical situation at your end. If you have systems enabling a direct delivery to Zebralution, we would check options for a direct feed and if applicable install an appropriate individual interface.

Besides the possibility of a direct feed, we provide our suppliers with plain specifications for the preparation and ftp delivery of digital masters and metadata, which can easily be completed using common Office applications like Excel. Our operations team will assist you in further handling your digital content. Alternatively there is the possibility of providing us with Audio CDs or BetaSP/DigiBeta (for videos) and delegating the technical processing (ripping, encoding) to Zebralution.

How long does it take until my products are available in the stores?

This depends on different factors.

From the technical point of view the transmission of your products usually only takes a couple of days, once delivered to us. However, you should always consider any contingencies and also the time required for all the necessary processing steps at the retailers. Maintenance or technical breakdowns, beyond our control, can also slow down the availability of your products in the stores.

Therefore we regularly encourage our suppliers, to schedule their releases with a lead time of at least 4 weeks.

In terms of retail marketing you should primarily consider that short-notice releases render impossible an effective communication with our retail partners concerning sales promotion. Therefore it is of utmost importance to provide our marketing team with all relevant sales notes for your upcoming releases as early as possible, but 4 weeks ahead of the release at the latest.

Please either fill in our “New Release Form” for each new release (you will receive the sheet automatically after we signed the agreement), or send in your own sales sheets (ideally in German and English), press pictures, as well as any additional information, which helps promoting the particular release (chart positions, media appearances and/or coops, tour dates etc.)

Which retailers are supplied by Zebralution?

Zebralution distributes your products via one of the biggest digital retail networks worldwide. Our distribution network is constantly updated. New retail partners are adopted on a frequent basis, others shut down their service or change their offer. Our retailer overview (Music, Audiobooks) provides a first impression to you.

What kind of marketing opportunities are provided by Zebralution?

You’ll find a brief overview of our services under Services > Retail Marketing. We’re pleased to discuss specific marketing options with you in an individual correspondence.

Does Zebralution pay mechanical royalties to GEMA and other organizations?

In general, in most of the territories, mechanical royalties are paid directly to collecting societies by the retailers.

Can Zebralution provide EAN/UPC, ISRC or further codes?

Yes. Please get in contact with our operations team to discuss your specific needs.

Does Zebralution distribute CDs, Vinyl or other physical products?

No. Zebralution exclusively distributes digital products.

How can I manage my products at Zebralution?

You can get a first impression under Services > Administration & Accounting.

Does Zebralution offer sales statistics?

Certainly. You can access monthly and selected daily sales statistics via your personal online login. In addition you’ll receive detailed accounting data in your quarterly statements, which are formatted for simple electronica processing.

When and how do I receive my statements?

Zebralution accounts to its suppliers on a quarterly basis. The statements are sent by E-mail.

How do I get a contractual offer?

Simply get in contact with us using the contact form for labels & publishers. We’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience.

I have further questions. Who can I refer to?

Simply get in contact with us.